Annie Riker

Creative Director, Illustrator, Designer



Make Change Without Authority: Redesign Your In-House Company Logo

UPDATE 10/31/16 :  My first class is published!!! Check it out here:


This is a class for in-house designers and other creatives who want to CHANGE their company logo. I mean that literally—you don’t like your current company logo and think it should be redesigned...possibly by you.

This class won’t focus on any design techniques or logo concepts—I know there are tons of great logo design classes already out there on Skillshare!— Instead, I’ll be walking you through a process to help you build trust and respect from your colleagues, and to work toward change.

I’ll be sharing my personal story about how I successfully convinced my organization to redesign our logo after nearly a CENTURY old. I’ll offer you plenty of tangible tips along the way. And, I’ll be doing this through my perspective as an in-house graphic designer.


Craft your strategic plan outline on how you’ll change your company’s logo. This will include your “WHY” statement (what is motivating you to make a change in the first place), your research, peer evaluations, and proposed solutions.



Milestone #4 for the October Teach Challenge was also a huge personal milestone for me—my first attempt ever at a screencast! Additionally, this is my first time working with Adobe Premiere for editing. I'm learning slowly, but really enjoying all it can do and excited to keep going! I think this first take still needs a little polishing, but I'll come back to it after I work through the other lessons in my class.



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