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Hi. This is my first class project on, and it is also my first watercolor alphabet.


I have chosen this font named "Pinto No.1", which I think it's really cute. ^.^

Also, it has fairly simple strokes so given my beginner's level of watercoloring, I believe it should be easier to paint.


I traced itusing a lightbox, process was very quick and convenient. However, I regretted to have used that HB pencil to do the tracing because I didn't expect it to be un-erasable after painting watercolor over it.. Fortunately the charcol color turned out to be not as obvious as on the paper, I believe a lighter pencil touch shall be more suitable.



I personally love warm colors, so I have chosen yellow-orange-red mixture to create my very first piece. I will be challenging myself with other colors in the future.

The coloring process was generally smooth, however, while coloring the thrid row, I have noticed that the first row has dried completely and the color has turned much paler... I then tried to apply more concentrated colors to the rest of the work, and probably this is one of the pitfalls of watercoloring.

Anyway, it was great fun placing colors here and there, and my hands had to move quickly through.




After scanning my work, I followed the steps shown in the video to ditialize them. It was smooth and no pain. I have grouped and renamed each alphebet and voila~ my first watercolored alphabet was completed!



All I was thinking after completing this class was: 'Let's try make one!", so frankly, I have not thought of how I should use it.. "Make it now" just popped out from my mind and therefore I have casually plugged it into a mockup template. However, I do like it quite well.


I enjoyed the whole process of this but the most discouraging thing was that the result is not as lovely as I have expected. I will have to work harder on playing with watercolors!


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