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Make Art Every Day

I'm grateful for this space and this community. 

I'm reading Elizabeth Gilbert's "Magic Show" and am excited about everything I'm learning about creativity! As I consider the idea of creatively expressing on a regular basis, I'm struck with how valuable it is to have space spaces to share inspiration, to take risks, and to begin this process of unveiling what we can make. Thanks to all you fellow makers for risk-taking, sharing, and journeying with me.

30. Thanks

29. Full

28. Lanterns

27. Coat

26. Warmth

25. Hat

24. Snuggle:  Inspired by a sick-day photo a friend took while lounging on the couch with her Kleenex and Vizsla.


23. Still

22. Scarf


21. Cabin

20. Pie


19. Spice:  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for this sketch. I admit to using google image search for inspiration! I loved a few drawings I found there and aimed to imiate the style. I need to remind myself it's ok to try on the styles and techniques of others as I continue to find my own!


18. Family

17. Park

16. Boots


15. Socks:  My pen bled a bit into my watercolors. 


14. Acorn


13. Leaves:  Leafmotif


Leitmotif is a musical device in which a reoccuring theme is used in conjunction with a specific character or theme. It often occurs in film soundtracks (everyone can probably recall John Williams' famous Darth Vader lietmotif!) 

12. Apples


11. Tea:  Two Minute Tea :)


10. Chill:  I was reminded by Ria's Instagram post and comment today that these exercises are about putting the pencil to the paper - not about creating a finished product! I played with this concept for a few minutes. Maybe I'll come back to it at another time, maybe she'll stay in this unfinished state. 


9. Season

8. Gathering


7. Home

6. Bonfire:  The best part of any bonfire :) 


5. Feast - butternut squash soup! And garnish :)


4. Hay

3. Color(s)


2. Squash:  because I don't have any gourds :)

After doing some quick iPhone research while at JoAnn's today, I found that Sharpie pens are recommended as not being prone to running when combined with watercolor. I didn't get a chance to test this out today, but my lines did get a bit smudged when I went to erase my pencil marks. This was a bit rushed, so I may have been too impatient to let the ink dry properly! 


I discovered the November Sketch Challenge just after I made my resolve to work on leaves. I love the idea of sketching in community, so here's my day 1...

1. Fall makes me think of warm cups of coffee and scarves!


Day 5:  Leaves

I pulled the "leaves" prompt from my bowl today. I took a short walk around my neighborhood to snap some inspiration. I love that this practice is forcing me to wake up and notice the world around me just a little bit more. San Diego is so full of vivid colors and unusual flora! I picked a couple subjects to play around with.  



I love the fiery colors of the bougonvilla! And this fern-like leaf from a tree has such clean lines.


It's the final day of Sketchbook Magic. I haven't completed every exercise in the tutorial yet (I haven't tried the timed art-making yet!) And I'm not quite making art daily. But this course has done such a good job of inviting me to pick up my tools and just BEGIN. I've enjoyed using mediums and subjects that I would never have selected on my own. I think I've settled in a good place - I plan to continue leaf and floral sketches. I'm reminded of Ria's story about the teacher who graded half his students on the quality of their pieces and half the class on the quality of a single piece. I'm planning on diving into leaves in mass quantities! 


Day 4:  Charcoal Dreams

I'm continuing to let the magic bowl guide my inspiration. I made a separate bowl for drawing tools since not all my tools could fit in a jar. I ended up choosing "charcoal" and "dreams". Ironic, since I had two dreams last night.

The first involved a real-life situation where I felt rejection and shame. In my dream, it was all a misunderstanding, I left the dream feeling valued, sought out, and worthy. In the second dream, I failed miserably at a real-life challenge that I'm facing at work. I left the dream feeling like I caused hurt and disappointment to someone I wanted to love well. 

Both dreams were valuable to me. I'm trying to carry the sense of restored worthiness with me, and to remember that there is value in my desire to love well. Even if I don't achieve the outcome I desire at work, I know that my intention is beautiful!

I tried to capture both the freedom and beauty of the first dream in the fluid lines up top and the heaviness, fear, and desire for control of the second dream in the bottom of this charcoal sketch.


Day 3:  Plasticware Elephants

This was my favorite project so far! I wasn't sure what to think of the 'assignment' my magic bowl gave me at first, but I ended up loving the simplicity and the opportunity to infuse these little elephants with a little personality.


Day 2:  Pencils and Pets

Max. Drawn from a photo. Doing a pencil sketch of such a complex subject in 10 minutes felt rushed. And I did rush! Lesson? I need to remember that it's ok to make my projects bite-sized. Like tackle a cat eye instead of a cat :) I made art, so this is still a success!


Day 1:  Watercolor and Patterns

Watercolor is so difficult to control! I did this fairly quickly, without stopping to second guess color choices and textures. When I observe it, I like some of the bold colors. These vibrant shades feel like a good way to dive into art-making!



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