Major US Hurricane Strikes (1851 - 2010)

Major US Hurricane Strikes (1851 - 2010) - student project

Post 1:

So this class ended months ago but I thought this would be a good practice area as I am excited to take many classes on Skillshare.

I decided to start off simple and see what kind of room I have for added additional info - or maybe just give the viewer a quick idea of who gets hit the most by hurricanes (and how often?). Something that can be digested in seconds. We'll see.

I'll start by attaching my sketch - giving me an initial layout to work with and a place to house my map, title and information.

Major US Hurricane Strikes (1851 - 2010) - image 1 - student project

See. Simple, I know. Basically I am using this project as an excuse to work on my digital illustration along side information. What I want is a breathable map that tells the viewer the 

Title: Major US Hurricane Strikes: 5 States That Get Hit Hard (1851 - 2010)

Right now I want to focus on getting the elements on a digital canvas then see what I feel could really help both the design and the information given.


Round 1:

Major US Hurricane Strikes (1851 - 2010) - image 2 - student project

Just laying out some style. I think more information would be great so I'll be doing some digging for that in the next round.