Majin Buu Nesting Doll ( Watercolor)

This project was fun. I think I need to be more patient with my water colors, and switch out my brushes. I tried using the same one for most of my project but I think using different sizes would've been better.

My nesting doll desing is based off an anime I grew up watching, Dragon Ball. I choose my favorite villain from the series, Majin buu. He turns his victims into sugary treats then eats them. He is by far the cutest villain to ever animated.

Here are the exercises we did in the begining. I didnt let the wet on wet dry and ended up dabbing it with a napkin.... I'm very impatient, and I wanted to use the back of the page for the next exercise.



This was my inital setch, that I outlines in black micron pen. Then used it with a lightbox to transfer it on to my water color paper.



The paper I used was the Canson Montval watercolor that is 140lb.
I used cheap artist loft watercolors
Brushes #6 and 10/10(?)
and a black micron pen.

Here is the final result. I think I should have used a thiner liner pen, or a brown one. I also think I could probably work more on shadows and highlights.



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