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Sharise Williams

UI/UX Designer



Majic Of Books - July Challenge

I was having a few issues with the paths and those pesky spaces in th emiddle of letters like "a" and "o's". Other than that I think I did well for my first digitized lettering. I used to letter back in HS so I am re-kindling a long gone talent and habit.

I added an example of the glow I may add to the rest of the "orbs" at the bottom right. I also plan to add some texture to the peice. I didn't intend to have perfect letters partially since it's a Dr. Seuss Quote.

Below is the inked scan:


Next is the colored version of the inked and digitized peice. This is the final with the dotted background and outer glow. It was in in need of some texture.


This is my first time completing one of these. I am sure there is some room for improvement. I am open to constructive criticism. Thanks and happy lettering!


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