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Just getting started



Majestic AF

Man, these things are fun. These little pins have so much personality and so much to say about the person that sports them. I love it. Because of this fact, I decided to design something that I think many people would love to have, if only to express their inner magic.

More on that in a moment... here are some of my favorite pins that I came across. Look at how BEAUTIFUL they all are!


When looking a all the Apple Metal pins, I came across this one. There is so much color and funk in this little thing. It's so GROOVY.


I've got a pretty solid idea of what I'm wanting to do. Will return with sketches and final illustration shortly. Stay tuned.


I guess I never finished this project. I'm pretty ashamed about it too. Oh, well... never too late to just finish a creative endeavor.

I've miss placed all of my sketches for this, but did come across and fine-tuned the vector for it. I'm probably going to move forward with creating this little gem because a few buddies of mine actually really like it and would like one for their collection.


It's a Pega-Llama-Corn and it Majestic AF. :)


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