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Maiden Name • Drillette


My family on my fathers side is mostly French and Czech decent. My family is extremely close and quite large and I wanted to symbolize the generations. I came up with a list of what I wanted to incorporate to represent my family.

  • Texas
  • Football
  • Grandparents names
  • French and Czech symbols
  • Text Banner
  • City my Grandma is from and raised my dad and his siblings in.

 After researching different types of French family crests I decided to keep it as similarly laid out as possible. 


Once I had my list of what I wanted to incorporate I got started on sketching it. Once I achieved the layout it was onward to the computer. I gathered images and started to figure out shapes and and line thickness. 



The Layout:

I wanted to keep it simple yet similar to what I found online. To do this I used the modern day football helmet to replace a knights helmet. My grandparents names are represented on either side of the helmet. Below the names are old symblos found on French family crests from the past. These symbols represent my dad and his four siblings. To keep the ornate feeling I added a 16 point set of antlers that frames the football helmet to symbolize me, my brother, and 14 cousins. The diamonds represent the number of generations the Drillette line can be traced back and ties in my czech heritage. I repeated a text banner below the shield to placed my Mamere's hometown in it, and of course I added a Texas symbol on the side to show that Texas pride (We Texans sure do love our state!). 


I wanted to again keep it simple and just used a 2 color palate. To keep it regal I decided to use gold and black like found on some French crests.



I had a lot of fun creating this and I cant wait to use it at our next family reunion!

Thanks for viewing!

-Chelsea Cochran

You can check out more of my work at Behance


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