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Mahalia Jackson "Queen of Gospel Music"

I've always wanted to do a project similar to this but more focused on inspirational quotes.  This class helped me with the technical aspects of creating the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.  

I chose Mahalia Jackson because I am a fan of her music and her accomplishments. These are my notes after doing some preliminary research:


Here is my pinterest board with reference images:


Here are my sketches.  I originally wanted to have her hands clasped because that was in a lot of photos of her, but I didn't like the way it looked.  zeHer crown was important to me to symbolize her title of "Queen of Gospel Music".  That's why I have religious image references. She was also an activist during the Civil Rights Movement, so I included protest signs to symbolize that.


And here is the final portrait.  I struggle a lot with color in my illustrations and this project was no different.  I started with the Chicago flag colors because I thought it was important to keep the flag recognizable and added on colors from there.  I would have preferred more vibrant colors because I feel the mood is kind of dark.  I didn't want to overthink any of my decisions too much because that often leads to a rabbit hole and then eventually abandoning a project.  So with the sketches, the icons, the color pallette, I limited myself to a few ideas, made a decision, and executed the idea.  Overall, I learned a lot, especially with Adobe Illustrator, and I'm interested in experimenting more the techniques and skills taught in the class.



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