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Mahala - Women Supporting Women - Bras with Purpose

This high end bra will sell in specialty boutiques, department stores like Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales, as well as yoga studios, and smaller and more regional conscious living shops. We are still working out the exact design of the bra but it will be these three basic bra colors; black, white and nude. The will be designed with durable but breathable material and include underwire support. There are loads of companies manufacturing and selling bras so what will make this bra different is the philanthropy and company philosophy behind it. For every bra purchased, one bra will go to a woman in need. This could be women who lost everything in a disaster here in the US or to women in countries like Africa and Malaysia where women have on-going health issues due to little or no access to everyday bra support.

Our marketing will focus on US women ages 35-55. Through focus groups as well as secondary research it has proven that women of this age prefer a more comfortable and supportive bra. They also have the disposable income to purchase a bra of a higher quality. They have also been in the workforce for some time and would also like to give back but have responsibilities that could include a family, a mortgage or even aging parents. By purchasing a Mahala bra they can give back easily and conveniently. We will create maternity bras as this is one of the leading health issues for women who don’t have access to bras. Currently, infection is passed onto their babies from their breasts. We will then create training bras for the children of these women. This will teach those children the importance of helping others in need and the importance of wearing a supportive bra.

Most women have bought bras that look good but don’t feel great, wear a certain bra with only one dress, or purchase a bra that gets worn once and or potentially never! When a woman buys our bra, it will be comfortable enough to wear everyday but if it doesn’t get worn it will become a charitable reminder each time our consumers open their lingerie drawer. They’ll know at least one woman is being supported by it.  


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