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Magnum PI "...Ivan, Did you see the Sunrise?"

So my final is a completely different layout than the one I've been working on. 

Honestly I couldn't make that other idea work. I tried mocking up the panels thing, but it didn't work as well as I'd hoped and I discarded it. I decided to rethink the whole concept, going back to the original pinboards you posted at the start of the class, and created a design where Magnum & Thomas are both depicted symbolically. 

Without trying to turn this into a poster that works via comic panels to represent that narrative tension (although that could be cool) I've incorporated this map element  to attempt to show the distance and time invovled in Ivan and Magnum's conflict. Actually I might try that small panels thing. Something about this isn't quite working for me yet.

This is neccessarily my favorite Magnum PI episode, but it's one of the most memorable. My best friend and I used to watch reruns of this show in college.

This episode is infamous for the scene I'm depecting. Magnum, TC and Rick are being pursused by a KGB assassin that they had encountered in 'Nam. Ivan had already killed one of their friends in the previous episode. Magnum and his crew and exposed and foiled a plot to kill a member of the Japanese royal family but Ivan, having diplomatic immunity is going to go free.

This is the final scene in which they have their last confrontation. 

My idea for this is to take that very last frame where Magnum fires his gun and frame the gun flash as a stylized sun, merging into a sunrise in the background. I put the Hammer & Sickle in to represent the KGB assassin rather than drawing him out. I was thinking of Noma Bar's posters and the Suprematist paintings and thought a symbol would be more effective. I am thinking about drawing it bleeding or having some hit of Ivan's falling body, but I haven't decided yet.

Also, I apologize for getting this in so late. Work always seems to ramp up when I take a Skillshare class...


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