Magnolia Market

Magnolia Market - student project

Rather than choose a local business, I decided to go with a business I love, called Magnolia Market.  I'm a huge HGTV fan, and Chip and Joanna are my favorites.  I love their style, and everything their business stands for. I actually quite like their current logo(below) but thought it might be fun to explore a slightly more organic option. 

Magnolia Market - image 1 - student project

I worked on pulling some inspirations for the board below.  I like the rustic, organic, flow-y nature of them. Magnolia loves to celebrate the past, and puts a focus on mixing antiques with a cleaner, more contemporary design.  While I believe their current logo is hand-drawn, I wanted to try one that makes it a little more obvious. 

Magnolia Market - image 2 - student project

Kate Sypek
artist and graphic designer