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Magnificently Grumpy

Hi everyone, 

Thanks Vladimir for this class, it was super easy to follow and you give some really good tips for making your campaign successful. There are so many different options out there and so many ways to run a campaign so your advice was really helpful for helping me narrow down some of those choices!

When it came to creating a design, I'd had this idea floating around in my head for a few days. There's this guy I work with who is SO grumpy, but not in a way that's totally irritating, you know? Then the other day someone described him as 'Magnificently Grumpy' and that was just perfect. So really, I wanted to make a tee for him. If the campaign is successful at all, he'll be getting one!

I hope you all like my tee, all the best with your own designs and campaigns! There are already some fantastic designs in the Project Gallery!

My design on Teespring:

Facebook Advertising:

I haven't created a page to advertise this shirt as this was just a one-off go at creating a tee and campaign. I've used an old page I created and no longer promote, so I've set up the advertising to direct to website rather than for post engagement as suggested. But I can see how post engagement would be the preferrable option if you were running and promoting a page. 

Design Issues:

So the first design I created was this one (see below) but the campaign was quickly suspended "due to content concerns. It appears your campaign is based on well-known third party content." I did a quick bit of research and learnt that this image, which was provided by Teespring, is actually copyrighted (I had recognised the face of Grumpy Cat but didn't realise it was copyrighted).

So then I went back to Teespring and created another campaign. Hopefully this image, also provided by Teespring, is not copyrighted as I had to create a whole new campaign from start to finish:

How do you like the design?


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