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Magilla Gorilla


I began my project with the idea of a silverback gorilla. I thought at first an elephant would be interesting but I liked the power of the gorilla, and the mass of it's silhouette. Such a strong creature, it lumbers along and I needed to translate the weight of the gorilla in a simplified form. I found the image I liked best below.


I chose the gorilla image I wanted to use because of the negative shape and the dynamic of his walk. Plus it was a great profile of his head. It was the image that depicted all the body parts in motion.

Next I went on to quick sketches...a lot of sketching. I could have gone on but I figured at some point it wasn't going to get any better.


From there I picked the best sketch and started refining the shape in a number of sketches. When I got close to a shape I liked I would blacken it in to see how it would look as a silhouette. From there, I refined som more...simplified more and got it to the point I could take it into the computer.


And , here is my final mark. I was hoping for a World Wildlife Fund type image. I think it's pretty successful.


Thanks for looking!


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