Wattpad user name: @kathiel12

Link: Magicka

Story: Magicka

Main Character: Cynthia Black



Dark brown, wavy hair, average height and athletic, particularly strong legs because she likes to run.  She has brown eyes, but turn silver when she uses her power element fire.  She has an angular shaped face.  She is half Italian and half American, her skin tone is white.


She is an introverted person, kind, generous, but socially challenged.  She is a high, middle class person, 17 years old.  She goes to Franklin High School (A school I made up) She works in her grandma's plant store Herba.  Her favorite class in high school is English.  She's a serious person, alert, conformist, talkative with people she becomes friends with and she has an average intelligence. She was born on December 14, 1987.


She runs in school.  She watches T.V. and loves to play interactive games on Facebook.  She loves chocolate, but controls her habit.  She works in her plant store and loves to hang around with her cat Spencer.  She likes to have her hair loose, but is constantly removing it from her face.  She makes a fist when both nervous and annoyed. 

Background: She has the Dark Curse placed by her father the dark Lord.  The curse developed for the first time at the age of seven.  She became evil, did strange things and was tempted to kill.  Luckily Spencer finds her and takes her to Karin, her grandma.  She has been raised by her ever since. 


She suffers self guilt.  She's bad at history and doesn't cook very well.  She is an awful singer and although she is athletic, she's not a great fighter.  Needs guidance, isn't brilliant, she is average.

Internal Conflict: Self guilt for what she's done in the past.  She has a hard time letting go of her past.  She fears falling in love with someone, fears that she will hurt the people she loves.

Goals: Cynthia has several goals.  She wants to try to find inner peace and wants to improve her relationship with her mom.  Wishes that her dad could turn away from the dark arts, but that will never happen. 


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