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Magical Victorian Frame

For my reference photo I used a random purple house (thanks Google.) 


I had to go about this process a bit differently. I layered my illustrator file and then brought it in. Without having the ability (no CC) to convert the pieces into shape layers I just made the pieces in bigger groups and then made them all precomps. It won't be as detailed, but I'm ok with that. I also added a frame to mine to animate that seperately.


Here is my animation! I had a ton of fun working on this. Some things I can learn from again: Focus more on the timing. I ended up making the final loop 20fps so that it was not to fast. I would also look into building the animation in AE (simpler) to dive deeper into animation more pieces of the bigger grouped elements I did. Overall I learned a lot and will try to find more ways to incprporate animation in my work. 



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