Magical Fruit Bat

Magical Fruit Bat - student project

I followed along with the example exercises for the horizontal and vertical symmetry tools. So cute! Magical Fruit Bat - image 1 - student projectMagical Fruit Bat - image 2 - student project


I made a ton of stamp brushes. These are just a few of them:Magical Fruit Bat - image 3 - student projectThis is the "signature" stamp I made that I can now quickly add to finished illustrations that I post on IG. I love how it turned out:

Magical Fruit Bat - image 4 - student projectI experimented a bit more with the vertical symmetry tool and created an intricate butterfly design using various stamp brushes and textures:

Magical Fruit Bat - image 5 - student projectMagical Fruit Bat - image 6 - student project


For the final project, here are some of my sketches. I didn't end up doing all 8 sketches since I really liked how my bat ended up looking with the fourth sketch and decided to proceed to the final illustration: 

Magical Fruit Bat - image 7 - student project

This was my initial illustration that is completely symmetrical: Magical Fruit Bat - image 8 - student project


I ended up not liking how symmetrical it turned out and I wasn't a fan of how my red dagger turned out, so I continued working on it. Here is my final illustration and this might be one of my most favorite illustrations I've ever made! 


Magical Fruit Bat - image 9 - student project


I completed this entire course in just a few hours spread out over two days. Very beginner friendly and I will definitely be creating more illustrations using the themes/ideas that Charly provided in the resources. You can find more of my work on IG @hello.tintin