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So I started with birds because I'm much more familiar with them than any other animal. 

I'm not great at anatomy for non-avan animals, but I guess my anatomy's fairly decent... I think birds influence my other creatures a lot, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing at the moment. 

Also, Paint Tool SAI doesn't have entirely random brushes, so I just kind of scribbled stuff.

So I didn't really like my previous designs, so I took a head and changed it a bit. Of course, I gave it feathers. It's a feathered bat/lizard thing with a feather crest. It has anisodactyl bird feet (3 toes forwards, 1 back), like most birds.

Also, it's not letting me change my cover photo

Changed it a bit more, now it has two crests coming from right above its ear


Speedpaint studies...


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