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Magic & Rocketry

Hello, This class has come at the perfect time for me. Over the last week I have been developing an identity for a new venture in freelance graphic design. I have always considered myself an accidental graphic designer. Since I was young I have always been drawn to promoting my latest venture. As a child magician I was forever drawing posters to promote myself. In my teens I spent hours at Kinko's cutting and pasting flyers for my band. For the past 20 years I have been doing all the design jobs for my businesses. I even started a publishing company years ago and accidentally became a book designer.

After years of working for myself and my brands I would like to venture out into the world of freelance design. I feel I have a lot to offer having run and developed many ventures for myself and I have enjoyed the small amount of working for other that I have done. I guess I am working a bit in reverse.

With that said I have decided to launch a company called Magic & Rocketry and am now trying to develop a logo and word mark that I am both happy with and future clients will be impressed with. I am finding it quite an exercise, I feel it has to be really great, because face it, no one wants to get their logo designed by someone with a lousy logo.

So far the info Courtney has provided has been awesome. I was going to skip the brief exercise because I am already into the design phase, but I did it and now feel way more informed. Seeing your ideas in black and white really helped.

I found the mood board to be very helpful as well.

I had a good idea of what I wanted for a logo ( I thought). I had cooked up a loose idea years ago and just wanted to refine it. But once I started to evaluate it I knew I had just lumped some visuals I liked together and now I was trying to create a narrative to fit the visual. So I knew I had to start from scratch. 

I had the name Magic & Rocketry in my head for a while. When I was young I worked at a Summer camp as a counselor and the two programs I ran were Magic & Rocketry. I always loved seeing my name with those two words. They make a thought provoking combo. I knew I wanted to use Gothic from H&FJ as my font. It has some different weights and I like how bold, classic and strong the letter forms are.

Now once I started to play with the lettering in Illustrator I quickly came upon the melding of the two letter s and really liked the new form. It also had a familiar feel to it, and I think that is because we see the word Mr. so many places as a title. So I liked where it was headed.

I now wanted to make sure people knew I was a creative design type, so I wanted to find a clever place for the ampersand to go. Yes I spent a whole night just moving it around (only to drop it).

I also wanted to get some kind of magic wand and rocket together. My thumbnails played on the idea of crossing a rocket and wand in a heraldry / shield idea.

This lost it's appeal after a bit because the wand and the rocket really take up different amounts of space, so my sense of balance was thrown off. I then thought of the idea of putting white tips on a black rocket ship. This quickly turned into using the longest part of my MP combo as the shaft of the rocket and then I was off.

I just needed a few finishing touches. I also wanted to use the turquoise to grab attention, as well as wanting a circular logo.

I think this is my final version, it feels bold & clever. I also think it tells people that I do something creative.

Now my next hurdle is the word mark. It has been my experience that having both a graphic logo and word mark logo goes a long way. In many cases I will use them together but I want to be able to stand them alone as well. I have just started my work sheet. I already think the 3D stuff is too much, I want it to be simple and clean, and I love it when a logo has different weights of the same font, it feels versatile.

Round two on the word mark refine.

One of the things that I came across while doing the color charts was the idea of using a spot metallic on my printed materials. 

I think I have it down to a couple choices of lock ups that I like. Let me know what you think.

I'm done! The most difficult part of this project has been making the final decisions. I always run into to this when designing for myself. I wanted to feel like my mark was bulletproof, but I know too much to really believe it ever could be.  I feel I am getting across all the things on my checklist, what more could I ask for.

I really loved this class, I got a lot out of it. Courtney did a wonderful job constructing and presenting her ideas. Every chapter was helpful, and easy to digest.  I would have never thought of having a pattern to help my identity, or the idea of doing a brief for yourself.

Good luck to everyone else who took this class. -Brett

Update: 11.2013  I just thought I would share my new business card and ID kit.


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