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Nydia Mauras-Jones

graphic designer, letterer lover



Magic & Pasta

Hello! My quote is "Life is a combination of magic & pasta" by Federico Fellini. There is something very fun and whimsical about the quote that appealed to me. (Also, my favorite food group is carbohydrates, so anything to do with pasta is a win.)

To me, the quote says life is a combination of work and pleasure, of playfulness and substance. As I did my brainstorming, I started thinking about vintage children's books illustrations, especially those that seemed to be influenced by the art nouveau style. It would be fun to combine that imagery with the super saturated imagery of vintage cookbook illustrations. Let's see how it turns out!


Warm Ups

Here is my first quick and dirty warm up sketch. I'm somewhat new to lettering, so I really liked the idea of playing with one word in several different styles. I'm not quite finished with my warm up. I want to try a few more styles. So far, I think the dimensional/fancy serif would be fun to explore with the word "magic".  I also need to explore the representational style more. 

Here are a few more warm ups. I like the lettering of the "in a shape" sketch, but it needs a lot of work to actually look like a bowl of pasta. In the Blackletter exercise, I left the "s" unshaded because I thought it looked interesting and I wanted to remember it for another project. 

Brainstorm and Mood Board

You can view my mood board on Pinterest


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