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Magic Mineral / Post-It

Magic Mineral
I'm going to go through all the tutorials here, but I'll start with the Mineral. I liked learning about the material creation in Blender. It's much, much more powerful than I thought. I'll really have to dig in and learn more about it at some point. I also enjoyed playing around more with the compositer.

I tried to keep the piece low-poly as I really like the look. Also, I liked my first (flatter) render before compositing than the second (final) one. There are many reasons for that--mainly color harmonies are off--but, as a learning piece, I know when to move on.

First Render


Final Render


I'll continue to post my results of the other tutorials!

Final Render Edit


After a day or so away from the image, I looked at it again and decided that just punching up the brightness in Photoshop would make the image look much better. So, I did just that above.

So, now I'm starting to deviate a little more from the tutorials and make them more my own. I must be learning something.

For this piece, I stayed minimal and monochromatic. I tried to make the walls look like painted gallery walls, and just used a photo of myself as the Post-It texture. It's simple, but really opens up the way I look at 3D modeling.

Final Render



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