Siti Rawini Sulaiman

Engineer, Illustrator, Printmaker



Magic Colors

I really enjoy doing colors wheel. I made three color wheels - three different brands. :D It is too much but I really like to see the colors. 



Here is my intuitive colors exercise. 
It is very obvious that I really like green/ turquoise colors more than the rest of the colors. 


And also here final one, mixing colors on paper. And I think this is a good practice for wet on wet technique and I love looking at the colors disperse/ split /mixing with other colors. Its magical! :D


Finally, another color play. I choose three colors which I think nice and mix them!


Overall, I find this is soothing my mind. It makes my brain relax and helps me to overcome creative block. Looking at the mix colors are refreshing. Doing this exercise I dont need to think what colors to add next, just play around and WALLLAAA.. awesome.

Thank you Yasmina, for sharing the class and I think it woould be awesome to share w the students. :))) 


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