Magic Box

Magic Box - student project

Magic Box - image 1 - student projectFor this I tried to focus less on the image itself and more on the time lapse. I definitely need to add some more details to the boy and the background needs major improvement.
But I felt I needed to stop here and walk away, post what I’ve done up until now as I’ve spent too long on this, with much of the time experimenting with the app. 
im only using an iPad Air with an Adonit Pixel stylus and it’s nowhere near as sensitive as the Apple Pencil.

I will also post the time lapse itself once I’ve uploaded it somewhere.

if/when I come back to it and improve on it I will post an update.

thanks Vashti!


**I've tweaked this slightly and adjusted the lighting, trying to base my shadows on the light coming from the box. Added a lens flare as a magical creature/fairy coming out of the box.