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Eva Aelfeth

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Magic Bard

I'm very excited about this Character Concept Art lesson. It's the first time ever -since I chose another studies- I invest in educating my artistic skills, and I'm thrilled!
The theme/topic I chose for the class is Magic Bard.

  • Thumbnailing, something I’m not familiar at all with when designing a new character. I thought it would be boring but I was wrong: it gives you freedom to create, and shaping gets easier, as you don’t worry about details...

    And I realized this is nearly the opposite thing I do when I design characters. I usually think about all the details in the first place when coming up with a character so no wonder I got stuck so many times! I’m very anxious and want to get to the point asap. WRONG! This way you get a general feeling of the character that will easily inspire the details in the end anyway.

    Also - I was convinced I was unable to come up with interesting poses without using references but this step proved me wrong and I’m so happy!! :)

And here with the internal structure:

  • Aaaand we get to the refining stage! I hope I didn't use too many values but I couldn't see anything on there otherwise :P For this stage I chose 2, 6. 8 and 9. I think I have a favorite already, but what do you think so far? :)


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