Magic 101 : From Beginner to Performer

Magic 101 : From Beginner to Performer - student project

Fast track yourself to becoming a Magic Performer!

When I first started out Magic, I spent a lot of time and money learning fancy moves and buying expensive props. It is quite frustrating because I do not use 60% of those moves or props. 

In this class, I will teach you only what you need to start you off as a magic practitioner as soon as possible. I've split this class into 4 sections and if you already have prior knowledge, you may skip to the tricks right away.


  1. Basic Card Sleights - I will teach you some basic moves, but only those which you need to start performing. No fancy unnecessary moves taught here.
  2. Card Tricks - You will learn 2 card tricks based off the card sleights. These are powerful card tricks that Magicians all over the world perform.
  3. Visual Magic - You will learn 3 visual (Eye Candy) magic which you can perform in real life, and also post on your social media.
  4. Basic Mentalism - I will guide you into the basics of mentalism (Mind Reading) through 2 tricks which you can perform anytime, anywhere.

Acker Kwan