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Went for a mage design, painting magic is always fun in the end. Might do some more sheets before I choose a couple to take further, feel I need to be more adventurous with posing.

Did a couple more thumbs then started refining some this is normally when I start to fall down, struggle to get the clothes on without knowing the anatomy underneath, then I get bogged down with trying to get the anatomy right.

Chose some and started refining

Started on the last guy, I think he is my favourite!

Ended up choosing the last guy for final cleanup though I might have to do the witch as well at some point in the future :D

Outfit options-

Chose #2 with #3's legs. I do like arms...

Not tackled the face yet and needs more cleanup but I'm liking where it is going :D

Finally cleaned him up and spent like a whole day doing his face, i hate doing faces...

And some colour, because magic colour is fun!


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