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Mage battle

I was hoping to create a character for this project that had a fantasy background and settled on the idea of a mage/wizard mid-battle, blasting a fireball spell. I began researching dynamic movements in modern day life that could be used in this setting and as suggested in the class, I found that sport was a really great place to find extreme movements. I made some initial quick sketches of various actions but finally settled on this image as the basis for my character's pose.



I wanted to create a costume for my character that would have a medieval feel and bring additional movement to the pose so I added a large heavy cloak, chunky boots and a leather belt.

This style of sketching is new to me as I tend to create characters that are more stylised so trying to get a truer rendering of anatomy was pretty difficult! I found the process of layering in detail to my drawing quite slow at first but ultimately really rewarding. Patrick's techniques of adding shading and detailed outlines are really effective and something I will definitely use again in the future. I'm really looking forward to getting started on my next character!



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