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Mage Soldier

So I want to make a Mage that would be more of the fighting type. A character that could fit into an action game like God of war, but instead of fighting with blades, would use his magic to defeat his enemies. While designing my silhouette I am thinking about his shape and I want to make him bulkier than the average Mage we are used to, cause he's the brutal kind of mage. I am also thinking about what kind of cool shapes his clothes could have and also his pose.


I keep on working on my favorite and I want to explore different type of clothing that would reflect the culture of his clan. I explore different area and start narrowing it down to my three favorite. First one to the left fell to me like he had more of an japanese/assassin vibe to it. The second would reflect that he comes from a northern snowy land with clothes padded with fur and last would be more of an armored soldier type.

(UPDATE) 2014-01-12

So I finally decided to go with the one to the far right, and changed the pose a bit to make him more stable. I also turned his head slightly and adjusted proportions. Then started to roll with the variations, 

I'm still not sure wich one i'll use, let me know what you guys think. 


(UPDATE) 2014-01-26

So after a few hours here's the result I have, I think some parts could be more detailed but I wanted to keep some roughness in it but. I had lots of fun imagining a little storyline for this character while painting it, like he's some sort of good guy gone bad, cause he's been exiled by his clan for crime he didn't commit, so he sinks into madness and dark sorcery as he seeks vengeance. Anyway, I might add color to it next, or play with the value a bit more we'll see. 

Thanks for this great class Charlie i'm learning a lot from it, and if you do some other classes i'll take them for sure.



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