Magda, the Chores App




The app that helps you actually do your chores.



-Remind people to do their chores

-Track which chores need to be done and when

-Gamify the experience to add fun and motivation



-include cleaning products you’ll need

-share your achievements with friends



Features List and priorities

  1. Input chores

Base attributes: Name (OTF) Description (OTF), Date (cal), reoccurrence timing (cal)

What you’ll need to do the chore (open text)

How long it will take (number selection or multiple choice)

Category of chore (multiple choice)

  1. Edit chores
  2. Remove chores
  3. Chore reminder
  4. Be able to indicate when you’ve done a chore

  1. Postpone or reschedule chores
  2. Schedule chores
  3. Track past chores
  4. Suggest chores from a list
  5. Sort or filter suggestions based on size and type of house
  6. Suggest schedule for each chore
  7. Add preloaded chores list
  8. Video instructions for each chore
  9. Split chores between roommates (maybe out of scope)
  10. Include cleaning products you’ll need (oos?)
  11. Give you awards for doing chores
  12. Sync with calendar (oos)
  13. Implement streaks
  14. Add how you’re feeling today