Magazine Layout

Magazine Layout - student project


This is my first (and second) attempt to magazine Layout.

I'm an UX designer but I studied Marketing, all things graphic and visual I'm learning on courses or by trail and error. That's why I loved this class, so clear and to the point.

For this project, I followed the example on the class and used pictures from my recent trip to Villa Carlos Paz in Córdoba, Argentina.

The first thing I did was crate some thumbnails to try different layouts.

 Then I built the grid very carefully in Sketch (12 columns), and started placing my content.

I paid special attention to the alignment of every element and to cropping of the images.

Magazine Layout - image 1 - student project


Once I was satisfied with the first Layout I tried a second version of it with a bigger picture.



Magazine Layout - image 2 - student project

In this second version, I focused on the main image, and placed the content to go with the spaces inside it. I also tried to make the text easy to read by adding colored backgrounds with a white gradient.