Magazine Layout: A Sunday Walk In The Park



Last Sunday me and my husband took a nice walk in the park and also some great pictures. And when we got home... I suddenly got inspired!

How I built my work

I used a GRID just like Jennifer’s because I found it pretty useful.




Layout 1


Here I wanted to create a communication between the highness of the water in the picture and the fonts. So, I experimented with a few and I chose a combination of Metropolis 1920 that is tall, artistic and blank and the more classical Onyx which is also tall but bold and black in contrast to Metropolis. This is obviously my headline emphasis, but it doesn't really give the feeling of a lazy Sunday walk, does it? The missing part was the phrase in the park in Bukhari Script with slightly reduced opacity. It also corresponds great with the urban style of Metropolis – well, parks are in the cities, right?

I think the lines around the headline create a sense of completion without “chaining” the text and bring extra attention to it.

My font choice for the body text is Bell MT, because of its classical style and beautiful uppercase. I played with the kerning in order to achieve the final result on my name and the magazine’s title.


I tried two options for creating hierarchy within the body text:

  1. by bolding and increasing the size of some phrases;
  2. by bolding and changing the color.

Layout 2


Here I tried a different approach. I wanted to create an emphasis on the picture by putting the weight of the headline on the upper left side. My goal was to make the headline readable but still beautiful and influencing the reader’s emotion. By using color hierarchy I think I achieved both.

Fonts used: Elephant, Bernard MT Condensed, SantElia Rough Alt, Bell MT

Again, I wanted to give the feeling of the city in a lazy sunny day. That's why I used fonts that remind us of a daily newspaper (Elephant in A Sunday and Bernard in WALK) in opposition to the warm autumn color in WALK and the more natural handwritten looking SantElia (in the park).

I aligned the body text paragraphs to the right in order to balance the left aligned headline.


I think I managed to balance very well the scale of the photos. I’ve also used different framing in the two layouts. In Layout 1 on the right page I left some space around the photo on the top because I wanted to create contrast between the white page background the the darkness of the picture. It also looks pretty natural because the light in the photo is coming from the top - like the frame is its source, an extention of the sky on the picture.


Well, this is my favourite theme. I love both! I believe there is something like asymmetrical symmetry and that’s what I used in my second layout with the small picture of the bird in the bottom. I created an “asymmetrical symmetry” by balancing the headline up on the left and that picture and the text down on the right. I also tried leaving this layout with no other picture, only some text aligned to the right.


Thank you, Ellen and Jennifer for the great class! I was passionate about my project and I'm going to put it in my portfolio.


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