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Mae - The Everglow

I have chosen to use Maes album, The Everglow. It was released bck in 2005 but it happened to be the album I was listening to when I started this course. 

Band Name: Mae

Album Name: The Everglow

Album Release Date: 2005

Style of Music: Bright Indie/Alternative with a touch of magic

The original Album cover and booklet was design as a storybook which included illustrations for each individual song. I wasn't aware of this until I started researching the band. The whole album follows a story. 

Track List: 

  1. "Prologue" – 1:16
  2. "We're So Far Away" – 3:50
  3. "Someone Else's Arms" – 5:09
  4. "Suspension" – 4:00
  5. "This Is the Countdown" – 3:57
  6. "Painless" – 4:20
  7. "The Ocean" – 4:41
  8. "Breakdown" – 4:14
  9. "Mistakes We Knew We Were Making" – 5:07
  10. "Cover Me" – 4:34
  11. "The Everglow" – 3:28
  12. "Ready and Waiting to Fall" – 4:21
  13. "Anything" – 4:03
  14. "The Sun and the Moon" – 7:16
  15. "Epilogue" – 0:54

Original Album Artwork:


Website that accompanied Album launch:


Set in a dark forest a person will be holding a bright obejct, their 'Everglow'. Holding this they will be trying to keep it hidden from peering eyes that hide within the forest. The image will be made up of dark tones with the glow really being the focus point.


Alexander Wells


I really like the illustration style of Alexander Wells piece above and would like to try incorporate lots of different components like Alex does to draw the viewer in and keep them looking for more within the piece.

Mood Board:

Round 1 Sketches:

More detailed sketch:

Next step is to take it onto the computer. I may even redraw this up to finished quality as my computer drawing skills aren't so great! Hopefully I haven't biten off more than I can chew!

First Attempt at Digital Mock Up:


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