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Matt Madsen

Graphic Designer



Madsen Crest

Saw this project and jumped all over it. Basically, my family traditionally is from Denmark/Germany, and have been heavily involved in agriculture. I grew up in a very small town in northeastern Colorado (what I affectionately call, "the flat part of Colorado that no one talks about.")

Back in the day, sugar beet farming fueled the local economy. In fact, the HS mascot is called the Beetdiggers, because parents used to pull their kids out of school to help with the sugar beet harvest. Family is big on football and sports in general, and I've been known to toss in a few Ghostbusters references here and there.

The town nearly revolves around the HS, and the colors are maroon and gold. Whipped this thing together so I may make changes, but this was super fun. Thanks for the class Aaron!

Trying to hit the farming/agriculture theme with the beet topper blades, which eventually landed at the bottom of the crest.

Beets, surely everyone's favorite vegetable.

Landed on this for the crest.


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