So yea..I've been experimenting with HYPE for a while and I'm finding it really awesome. Not to mention its addictive..atleast for me!  Now I've been coding in processing for almost a year now and things weren't much easy and simpler until I found HYPE. I've also started a blog where I'm posting my generative art - 1nk3dd.tumblr.com

So here are some of my attempts digging HYPE.

this one's a simple Hgridlayout

I used the same grid to create a kind of kaleidoscope..I used processing and nodebox for this one..

another Hgridlayout

used processing to generate a vortex

another Hgridlayout

After extreme experimenting with grid layouts I began to dig into rendering pictures..so what I did next was use a Hgridlayout and then combine it with an image.

So yea here's another bit art I was able create with HYPE

I'm still experimenting with HYPE..I'll keep posting :)


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