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Madisonville, KY

This is my first project in skillshare. I was completely wrapped in it. I enjoyed the tutorials, the resources, and the ideology and methodology behind the handwritten text. 


I used nearly 4 sheets of paper trying to understand a monoline alphabet. 


The Sketching process was one of my favorite parts. Finding what I like, which shape to incorporate and what other text to add to my hometown monoline. 



One of my favorite parts of Madisonville is their Motto, "The best town on earth." I think it's beautifully pretentious. And in my own opinion, it is a pretty great town. 


After my first sketch, I decided to change the subtext to be a thinner monoline. 


Once I finished the initial design phase, I took a picture and edited the design in illustrator where played with the size and layout of my additional text.


After I finished in illustrator I sent the design to Photoshop and added texture to the background and shading to the letters. I hope you all enjoy a little piece of my hometown. Thanks for the class, it was a lot of fun!




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