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Madison Heights Technical Community College

Madison Heights Technical Community College is a small, public, non-profit community college in the southeastern Michigan area. It is located 20 minutes from downtown Detroit. It grants diplomas, certificates, and associate's degrees in engineering technology, information technology, computer science, and criminal justice. 

Target Audience

MHTCC seeks to target graduating high school seniors, current students at other technical for-profit schools (such as ITT Technical Institute), and non-traditional or returning students in the greater Metro Detroit area. 

Competative Reviews

Review 1-2 

Review 3


Recruiting Brief for MHCTT Card Sort

  • High school juniors and seniors
  • Those working in a technical field without a college degree
  • Community college educators
  • Equal mix of men and women
  • People with a technical or engineering background
  • Live in the Madison Heights, MI area
  • Card Sort Results

    One of the most striking trends I observed while doing this card sort and recruiting people from my pool of friends was the tendency to abandon the task, and trepidation before taking the test over their abilities to do the sort "correctly". I made it clear that the sort was not a test; it was not any sort of show of knowledge, but rather a task for me to see how typical "users" would organize the information. 

    Site Map

    Here's the site map organization in Excel.


    Using Balsamiq, I created a wireframe for the site's organization.


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