Madeleine's influence map

Hi! Thank you for an inspiring class! I am kind of struggling to find my own style and I am a little confused sometimes, since I am 47 years old and just recently started to draw again. I haven't really done that since I was young, I have been focusing on a singing career. I work since 5 years with graphic production but where I work there is limited possibilities to be creative. However I have started to draw again, combined with photographing and I discover that all I ever take photos of, and draw as well, are flowers! I started to make floral patterns and I really live that. BUT, I feel a bit insecure since I know exactly what I want it to look like, but lack the skills to make it happen...So I thought that maybe this class could help on the way! I must say though that this influence map makes me even more confused - there are absolutely no flowers what so ever...:) So please, feel free to interpret it and maybe you can see something I don't! 

Kind regards



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