Madeleine Wideland - my seven days project

Madeleine Wideland - my seven days project - student project

By accident I actually bought my first bottle of masking fluid on the same day that I found this class! So I decided to proceed with my intention to explore the masking fluid and how to work with it. I also wanted to explore the colors in this limited color palette of earthy tones, how they work together and how they work in different mediums such as gouache and watercolor.


My outline for the 7 days:

1. Search for inspiration on Pinterest and create a very simple piece with gouache and a two colors.

2. Take the part I like and explore further.

3. Find another motif to explore.

4. Try a different medium.

5. Increase the degree of diffuculty.

6. Try different colors.

7. Explore a motif that I find perfect.


I followed this outline pretty much (day 2 I made two paintings), although I added ink lines from day 4 and stayed with that. I really liked the white and the ink together, and I think it worked well with the color palette as well. I made the analysis after each day, according to Ohn Mars questions. Without going in to that, I just want to summarize that this whole process was so valuable to me. I am a true perfectionist on detox, so to speak, and I think I have made huge leaps towards being an over achiever who enjoys creating instead of judging myself all the time. A great class that could be used over and over again for different projects. Thank you!