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Kelly Arcacha

Artist, Teacher, Pug Mom



Madeleine Peyroux

For this project I was inspired to choose artists that brought me to another place and time. 

1 -  Sigur Ros - I often listen to this group when painting. My husband introduced me to this group when they first came out and I couldn't understand what he saw in them until I got to experience the land that inspired their music, Iceland. In the sketches I played around with handlettering, abstracting Icelands rugged landscape. The first piece feels closest to what I was trying to achieve while still staying true to their signature sound. I may still take it through to see what a rendered version would look like. 



2 -  Madeleine Peyroux - I love sitting in the back yard during the summer listening to her music and imagining that we are in some cozy cafe in Europe. Her jazz melodies not only relax me but also remind me of my grandmother who I'd often hear speaking french when I was a little girl. For this piece I tried to imagine my grandmother as a young women and the delicate details of being a lady at that point in time. I took reference shots of pottery in antique stores and even used my grandmother's gloves to help develop sketches.






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