Made with Ink

Hi, people. I'm Gabriel. First of all, thank you for the class, Yasmina.

I usually don't finish my drawing and these class help me a lot to increase my confidence and finish my drawings. I made three timid attempts.


On this drawing I used a pen brush and a ink pen. I tried to explore some line variation and some shade technique. Her hair has made using scribbling, where I can made a nice texture and volume.


On this drawing I used a brush pen and an old (and mosly dry) brush pen. It allow me to make a nice ink dry effect. I didn't like this drawing. The shading look really confuse and this guy looks like a pineapple.


Finally, on this drawing I tried to go back to a cleaner style and explore more pattern. Ok, I choose a very simple patter to scarf and to hair. 


Last drawing. I made this to use black areas. (and it is so hard). I love it, but it was one of my most 
racking drawing because I filled that black areas with my blush pen and it used so much ink and my brush pen was so expensive. In short, I like that technique but I will one use it again after buying ink.


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