Made With Love

Made With Love - student project

Here are a few ideas I have been working on for my tags.  They're extremely rough but you get the idea.  I'm playing around with the decorative designs and the font for my name.  Any suggestions?  Do you like the white on black better?

Made With Love - image 1 - student project

Made With Love - image 2 - student project

Hello, everyone.  I am a fashion illustrator currently putting together my online shop.  I plan on selling reusable bags, tote bags, t-shirts, etc. with my designs printed on them.  For my project I wanted to make tags for my products.  My design needs to be elegant, chic and able to reflect my brand.  Below are some of my lettering and packaging inspiration.  

Made With Love - image 3 - student projectMade With Love - image 4 - student project