Made Just Wright

Made Just Wright - student project

My name is Sarah and I am trying to make my way back into the field I graduated with my degree in out of school a few years ago: graphic design. Along with that comes rebranding with a new last name and reworking and revamping my personal portfolio as well.

My side project idea has simply sparked from my little furry family and I can't wait to grow with more of these cute little illustrations. I made them for my stream channel (which is purely a hobby) and started making them for friends. What better way to jump back in to design.
Made Just Wright - image 1 - student projectMade Just Wright - image 2 - student projectMade Just Wright - image 3 - student project

 As for collaboration, I would love to collaborate with someone who specializes in video production or after effects because I would love to have some kind of final video type piece of this project. Basically going to be Fifty Furry Friends, trying to capture the likeness and personalities of fifty pets in these small little illustrations.

Sarah Wright

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