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Trey Ingram

Graphic Designer



Made In Voyage

I came up with an idea that plays on the term, "Maiden Voyage," and I really liked the meaning. I changed the words to read "Made In Voyage," which infers that we are all shaped by our own unique journeys/lives. For this design I wanted to combine an illustration that captured that vision - and a sea turtle felt like the perfect fit. They start their lives on the beach, and immediately wander into the deep blue sea to begin their voyage. 


Buoy • Barnacles • Anchors • Salt • Capsized • Shipwreck • Keel • Captain
Canvas • Charted • Plank • Compass • Ahoy • Tradewinds• Knots • Sailors
Spyglass • First Mate • Seafarer • Voyage • Seven Seas • Harbor • Sand Dollar
Sea Star • Nautical Lantern • Ship Wheel • Sails • Navigate • Sea Turtle

Visual Inspiration:


Here are some initial sketches that I used to explore this lettering layout:


I really liked the bottom right thumbnail of the sea turtle, but wasn't really sold on the overhed view of the turtle. I ended up going with more of a side profile that allowed me to reverse out the custom lettering inside the shell. Here is where I landed with the pen and ink version:


Here are some juicy close-up details (lots-o-dots):


Decided to go ahead and scan this fella in and run him through the Live Trace in Illustrator. Here are some versions where I toyed around with the colors on the final version:




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