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Madame Bovary

Hi everyone,

Thanks Reika and Diana K. for your feedback, I really appreciate it. And you picked out something I just couldn't see myself until it was pointed out. I've looked more closely at the profile and refined this, also made the colour of the face slightly lighter. This might be a screen thing as it's clear in Illustrator. I do want it to be close in colour to the black background so it's quite subtle.

Once again, thanks guys! Let me know if this looks better!


I chose to go with the last sketch I did, following the theme of duplicity/adultery, but keeping the style simple and graphic. 

I pretty much traced exactly what you see in the sketch. I already had a red/black/white palette in mind so it was just a case of choosing a colourway.

Today I refined a few things, following Jessica's last lesson about critiquing work. 

I just migrated from CS4 to CS6, so been getting used to that. I tried using the stroke width adjuster for this letter but it wasn't accurate enough on the swashes. Anyone know how to use this tool? I've made this 'F' the old fashioned way!

Please let me know what you think, and thanks for looking at my work.

Thanks to Jessica Hische for her inspiration, education and for being just awesome.


Hi everyone!

I'm designing an 'F' for Flaubert, since I'm reading Madame Bovary at the moment. I'm only about a quarter of the way through the book, so these are early sketches, but let me know what you think. Which is the strongest concept? Do you get the concepts? I'm going to pick couple of sketches to work up into more detailed versions.

The themes/icons from the book that I am exploring here are duplicity, adultery, peasants/bourgeousie, lace, windows, mirrors, fans.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work!



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