Madam Ivory's Shipyard Gin

Madam Ivory's Shipyard Gin - student project

I do packaging for a living, but never get to do anything this fun! I wanted to do some sort of alcohol, because my first thought was to add a skull- and you can't do that just anywhere. My family is big on skulls and old timey things, so as I started my sketches I realized my designs were leaning towards more of a "piratey" feel, but I didn't want to be too cheesy. So I want to do a gin named : Madam Ivory's Shipyard Gin, and I have my moodboards here and then my sketches below. I am leaning more towards the idea of a dark bottle as pictured below, but I can't decide on white text directly on top, white text on a label or a white/colored label on top. Some inspirations below. Madam Ivory's Shipyard Gin - image 1 - student projectMadam Ivory's Shipyard Gin - image 2 - student project

Those are flowers on the skull, and I'm playing around with type for the logo/name.