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Diana K




"Mad Man With a Box."

I'm just starting out my project, but I think I have settled on the phrase:

"I'm definitely, a mad man with a box!" 

The application will be mainly as a poster, but hopefully also t-shirts!


So I finally got to scanning in all of my sketches! Here are just a few, I really have a lot, and these aren't all of them. I feel like I have commitment issues, deciding how I'm going to letter each word, but after a long, long, time I finally decided on a layout. 




So, after a lot of hard work, sketches, and indecisiveness, this is the layout I'm going with:



I decided to try and see what the phrase would look like on Illustrator. 


But then I felt like it was still missing something, so I changed it up a little. I think I like this new version better, although there is still something missing. Any suggestions?




Today I printed out the version above (the second one) and I wante dto fix some things, so I grabbed another piece of paper and sketched over it, while at the same time fixing those little things. Lke Mary told us to in her videos. WOW! I would've never imagined this step was so important!
I feel like it has taken my design to another level! This is just the sketch, but I'm going to ink it soon probably :)


This is it after I used my blackwing pencil to make it darker :)



This is the finished product!
What do you  think? 

I'm always open to constructive criticism and different ideas! 

Thanks for all the help along the way!




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