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Heidi Petersen

Graphic designer. Craftaholic. Vancouver, BC



Mad About Hue

4/13- I've been addicted to making patterns! I've been trying to experiment with all of the different techniques to create patterns and have been happier and happier with each new swatch that I've created. Would be happy to hear any feedback on how to improve these patterns! 

4/22-Finished up my projects--added a neutral/background pattern and colors! For my first collection, the color story is "Mad About Hue;" so-named because they are such fun, flirty colors! I like the organic feel of these--I scanned in hand painted dots and lines. 

When I went to do the apron math, I realized that my delicate pattern was really interchangeable with the background chevron pattern. This may not have been the intention, but I think I like having two versatile patterns. I also think I may want to make my 'sturdy' pattern feel a little more random, but I'm not sure if that's just my OCD. What do you think? 

I also developed my long/short pattern. A delicate, feminine pattern, it brought Audrey Hepburn to mind and I chose "Funny Face," for a Color Story (a favorite Audrey Hepburn film). Each color way is named after a song in the movie.



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