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Macau Livin'

Hello! I am Juliana and @chickenscrawlings on Instagram.

I was featured as a user over a year ago but quite sad and disappointed to see my engagement fall drastically and still continue to work hard at content creation.

I moved to Macao over 3.5 years ago from Hong Kong to join my husband here. I have a love hate relationship with the city, but increasingly as I dig deeper into the heritage, the culture and architecture, I am drawing deep similiarities with my own Singaporean Peranakan roots given that the Portuguese once also colonised Melaka in Malaya 40 years before Macau.

The sleepy casino town is filled with delicious eats, multi-generational run hole in the wall diners juxtaposed right beside the city's glitzy over the top casinos.

It's a weird and wonderful place at the same time.


Typical scene of clothes hanging out to dry in Taipa village.


Love the colours of the old buildings and the art deco detail grills and old tiled floors. Former barber shop (right colour wheel spiral) turned home.


Even street art has a zen touch to it - Chinese calligraphy style painting of bamboos on a utility meter.


And random decorations everywhere, sometimes you'll even see Buddha on an old shophouse roof overlooking the busy streets.


The Macau graffitti park also, the "sports complex" for old people. Lovely juxtaposition of old and hip.


A usual sight in Macau - sun dried salted fish and always makes my day seeing the scenes against a colourful wall backdrop.


And oftentimes, I'm indulging in Michelin starred fine dining with my chef husband. A perfectly cooked pink pigeon @ The Tasting Room by Galliot.


Macau sunset behind the Macau tower - the world's tallest man made bungee jump


Colourful shophouses of Taipa village


Just airing out the clean laundry in public on the streets


Regular public barber spot.


Linoleum floorings


Flower shopping at the wet market


Breakfast for champions. A local diners over 50 years in operation serving a ham, BBQ pork omelette sandwich.


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