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Toben Lewis

Designer/maker, lives and works on a tiny island



MacLewis clan

I started off by brainstorming the things my wife and I bonded over and came up with a short list of: books, crocheting, cake, and Douglas Adams. And then added our cat because we are ridiculously crazy cat parents. We have always jokingly given the cat the last name of MacLewis (a combination of our two surnames) so this became the MacLewis crest.

When watching Aaron make his laurels I had a thought that I could make laurels out of a book shape, which seemed to suit us perfectly. We live surrounded by books anyway.


The next step was building the bit of cake. I struggled a bit with making it look like cake instead of cheese, but the fluffy icing along the out edge seemed to do the trick.


I attempted the cat next, but was not happy with what I was creating. It was actually my wifes idea to just put the cat ears on the shiled itself... small stroke of genius. I knew I liked her.


Next up was creating the shield shape...


I wanted some words along the bottom as well, and sent some time deciding what they could be. There were a lot of possibilities but ultimately I plugged 'that's what she said' into googe translate and was amused by what came out. So that stuck. Then played with fonts. I built some banner shapes as well but in the end didn't like how they interacted with the book laurel so just left the text bare.


When I started putting things together, I threw in a corchet hook as well, to add another visual on the shield and give it some structure. It just felt like the cake and 42 were floating around otherwise. 


And then, finally, I added colour. Again this was easy: I just grabbed our wedding colours.



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