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Ma Parasha

Hi Guys,
I just started a project for a friend. He's a young french guy who's creating his "Bar Mitsvah" agency called "Ma Parasha". With that, he wants to help 12 yo people to learn how to read and understand a part of the torah (the jewish biblical book).

If you are interested in what the Bar Mitsvah is, you can find plenty of interessing reading on our friend wiki.

Concerning the wording, "Ma" means mine in French. "Parasha" means "portion"; a section of the torah.

Here some drafts of some of my initial ideas:

  1. The book
  2. Monogram with "m" and hebrew "p" (pe)
  3. A sympathetic rabbi
  4. And different typographic games (also with the torah included)

Work in progress…

April 23th 2013 update

I'm preparing the sketch for vectorization.

Vectorization in progress:

Some changes, and I added one element. A little logo of a young studying.
For the letters, I found a font pretty close from the logo I designed. I made some adjustement. This is not the final version. Need to work more on the letters and maybe more on the picto.

And other tests… Lot of questions just pop-out now :) 

Final Version


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